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This is what we do:

Design and create specifically for you

We make each and every item by hand in Adelaide...we use local aged timber

Each piece is a "one off" and unique to us

What do you need from us to make your decision easier ?

Please pick up the phone and ring us 8363 9492 or send us your thoughts in the form provided below:


The transition from 2 stores to 1, happened because its easier for Richard, with limited mobility to get around on one level in our smaller place.
It's actually worked very well - we have now got a warehouse, just around the corner, where bulk furniture is openly displayed, and 154 Magill Road, where we showcase our latest inventions, display art, and are there for discussion of your requirements.

You are welcome to make an appointment to meet us at the warehouse too, when you have formulated some ideas, have measurements etc.

One of our strong points is brain storming your wishes and wants, designing a piece just for you. It could be a sideboard, sofa table, dining table, coffee table or storage unit.

No matter what, you are guaranteed unique, guaranteed individual, and guaranteed to give
"furniture envy" to your friends

Some Days are Diamonds was borne from a passion for collecting – as far back as childhood, Richard followed his mother around the auction rooms. Later he developed an eye for Australian art, yet later he was being drawn to Australian Depression furniture and early Germanic settler furniture.

Door knocking in the bush resulted and we visited many, many farms, buying specific items, such as hand hewn, red gum rocking horses, beautiful Bierdermeir style gum, casuarina and Baltic pine tables, meat safes, dressers and German trunks, just to name a few.

Eventually, with sheds overflowing, we opened our first store which we named Some Days are Diamonds – because they sometimes were – as we learned in the bush. We developed our own style in furniture, art and objets, whilst still staying true to the Australian theme.

Our interests grew to European furniture and we started designing many of our own pieces, made in Europe with the original Baltic pine, mostly salvage. This resulted in a totally individual style, moving with the demands of the time.

Our workshops (now local) include craftsmen with various styles – precise, rustic – you name it – we can make it, from pattern perfect tables to work benches, coffee tables, book shelves and plasma stands.

Some of our work has been featured on the front covers of prominent magazines and Richard has done several spots on T.V. (The Collectors to name one), taking a look as his unique collection, which he still draws inspiration from.

When we opened Of Paint and Possession, we based the store on more of a boutique look – urbane, yet relaxed – stylish, beautiful and original. We’ve started to incorporate Industrial furniture, made once again for our requirements – chunky, energetic and out there.

We also have beautiful furniture designed by British Antique dealers which is so different and extraordinary – because we have no room for the ordinary.

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